June 2023 Spam From Pam

June 2023 Spam From Pam


Spam From Pam

Great Plains Society of American Foresters Newsletter

June 2023

What is Spam from Pam? It is an email update to inform GPSAF Members and Friends about activities, events, meetings, and odds and ends happening in and around Kansas and Nebraska regarding forestry or conservation. If you know of any event coming up, contact Pam at pbergstrom2@unl.edu.

I will also try to include short news releases to talk about what projects are going on amongst our members and our agencies. If you have an article you want to see published email them to me (Pam)!

Also, for those aspiring photographers, send in your pictures and I will put them in the publication. Share your talent with your fellow foresters. 




Community Food Forests

Pam Bergstrom

                What does Osmond, Haskell Ag Lab by Concord, South Sioux City, and Wayne all have in common? Other than being in northeast Nebraska, all these places have Community Fruit Orchards. Across the country, Community Fruit Orchards are being established by communities, religious organizations, and non-profits to educate the public on where food comes from, to act as a demonstration site of how to implement your own fruit orchard, and to be a food source for people in-need.

            A new term has come about and instead of calling them “Community Fruit Orchards”, the term “Community Food Forests” has emerged to describe a place where edible fruits, berries, and nuts are being planted and people are allowed to grow and harvest the edible materials for themselves and others. Though the number one reason for these Community Food Forests is to provide a source of edible products for the community; they also act as a teaching tool to showcase how to grow your own edible landscape trees and shrubs in your own home.

            Call these Community Food Forests an outdoor classroom for all who come to visit. When given the chance, these areas can host open houses to showcase what will grow in an area, how to properly plant the material, how to prune and care for the trees and shrubs, and of course how to harvest the products.

            Many of these Community Food Forests started out with apples, pears, and maybe some plums in the mix. Now, they have expanded to include more edible shrubs like elderberry, chokeberry, and serviceberry. They have also come to include nut producing trees and shrubs like walnuts, northern pecans, and hazelnuts. Some sites will even try new varieties and cultivars to see if they will survive and thrive in the environment so Community Food Forest can help with research as well.

            Community Food Forests can be found in cities and rural communities across the country and the world. As Community Gardens become more popular, Community Food Forests are as well and are being incorporated with Community Gardens. In some metropolitan areas, when new neighborhoods or housing developments are being designed, green spaces are also taking root and many of these green spaces will house trees and shrubs that will produce a fruit or nut that is edible for humans and wildlife alike. These green spaces can also have areas where garden beds can be installed, or the community utilizes trees that have been cut down and mill them into lumber for students or volunteers to build raised garden beds for those residents who can’t bend or get on the ground to garden.

            Community Food Forests, in my opinion, are not just a fad, but a practice that is here to stay. There is so much potential for Community Food Forests to have a positive impact on the community where they are established and become a focal point in any neighborhood.

            In the meantime, go out and visit Osmond, Haskell Ag Lab by Concord, South Sioux City, and Wayne to see what their Community Fruit Orchard or I should say Community Food Forest looks like. You may be surprised at what you find growing in Nebraska.


Forest Farming Webinar through Penn State.



2022 Fall – Winter Fire Science Webinar Series

If you miss these webinars, you can catch up on the tapings at https://oakfirescience.com/videos_categories/webinars/

Events Calendar


Boy, father and grandfather fishing in lake

June 2023:


June 6 – D-Day Remembrance


June 7 – 9 – Workshop on Wildland/Prescribed Fire Extension and Outreach. Raleigh, North Carolina. https://southernfireexchange.org/calendar/workshop-on-wildland-prescribed-fire-extension-and-outreach/


June 9 – Donald Duck Day


June 12 – National Superman Day


June 14 – Flag Day


June 15 – 16: The 2023 Comprehensive Elderberry Workshop & Orchard Tour. https://www.riverhillsharvest.com/2022-elderberry-workshop-orchard-tour


June 18 – Father’s Day


June 19 – Juneteenth Day


June 20 – Ugly Dog Appreciation Day


June 21 – Summer Solstice


June 22 – Penn State Forest Farming Seminar: Ghost-Pipe. https://extension.psu.edu/forest-farming-series-ghost-pipe-indian-pipe 


June 29 – Fisherman Appreciation Day


June 30 – Drive your Corvette to Work Day

Child pointing at firework display

July 2023:


July 1 – Visit the Zoo Day


July 4 – Independence Day


July 7 – National Father Daughter Take a Walk Together Day


July 11 – 13 – Southwest Agroforestry Action Network Annual Meeting. Littleton, CO. https://aztrees.org/event-5115830


July 12 – Humble Hands Agroforestry Field Day. Decorah, IA. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/humble-hands-agroforestry-field-day-tickets-611282972827


July 14 – Mac and Cheese Day


July 15 – Phoenix Farm Cash Flowing Agroforestry. Iowa City, IA. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/phoenix-farm-agroforestry-field-day-tickets-611276102277 


July 19 – American Football Appreciation Day


July 20 – National Pickup Truck Day


July 23 – 26 – National Nut Growers, Walnut Council, and Chestnut Growers of America Joint Meetings. Columbia, Missouri. http://www.chestnutgrowers.org/ or  https://nutgrowing.org/annual-conference-2023/


July 25 – 27 – 2023 Interior Highlands Shortleaf Pine Initiative Summit. West Plains, Missouri. For more information, contact Jeff Powelson at JPowelson@abcbirds.org


July 25 – 28 – Pine Forest Management and Windbreak Training. Chadron, Nebraska.


Classroom sticker progress chart

August 2023:

August 1 – 3 – Northern Hardwood Conference. Canada. https://www.cif-ifc.org/events/2023nhc/


August 4 – International Beer Day


August 10 – Spoil Your Dog Day


August 13 – National Left Handers Appreciation Day


August 16 – National Tell a Joke Day


August 16 – Midwest Organic Center Field Day. Marion, IA. https://rodaleinstitute.org/midwest-organic-center-field-day/?utm_source=Rodale+Institute&utm_campaign=3a5e3b4dfb-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2023_05_15_01_54&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_-3a5e3b4dfb-%5BLIST_EMAIL_ID%5D


August 22 – National Never Been Better Day


August 26 – National Dog Appreciation Day


August 29 – 31 – 2023 Northeast – Midwest Regional Prescribed Fire Workshop. Madison, Wisconsin. https://www.northeasternwildfire.net/resilient-landscapes/2023-ne-mw-regional-prescribed-fire-workshop/


August 31 – National Eat Outside Day


August 31 – Penn State Forest Farming Series: American Ginseng. https://extension.psu.edu/forest-farming-series-american-ginseng



September 2023:

September 2 – International Bacon Day


September 2 – International Beard Day


September 10 – Grandparents Day


September 11 – Patriot Day


September 16 – National Batman Day


September 18 – National Cheeseburger Day


September 23 – First Day of Autumn/Fall


September 26 – Lumberjack Day/Johnny Appleseed Day


Save the Dates!


October 25 – 28 – SAF National Convention. Sacramento, California. https://eforester.org/Safconvention2023/Default.aspx 


October 26 – Penn State Forest Farming Series: Goldenseal. https://extension.psu.edu/forest-farming-series-goldenseal


October 30 – November 10 – Southern Blue Ridge TREX. https://www.sbrtrex.com/


November 6 – 10 – National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Workshop. Santa Fe, NM. https://southernfireexchange.org/calendar/6th-national-cohesive-wildland-fire-management-strategy-workshop/


December 4 – 8 – The 10th International Fire and Ecology Management Congress. Monterey, California. https://fireecology.org/calendar-entries/firecongress23




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