30 Year History

Highlights of Great Plains Society

* 1980 National Office changes constitution and bylaws

* 1981 Ozark Section votes to remain in tact and form a 4-state Society

* 1981 Nebraska changes name from Central Great Plains Chapter to Nebraska Society of American Foresters

* 1982 Kansas votes to join with Nebraska

* 1982 Nebraska votes to join with Kansas to form the Great Plains Society (GPS)

* 1983 First meeting of Great Plains Society on March 4

* 1984 Bylaws of Great Plains Society approved by members

*1987 Walter Bagley elected Fellow

* 1987 David Hintz elected Fellow

* 1988 William B. Clark elected Fellow

* 1989 David Van Haverbeke elected Fellow

* 1989 Members approved changes in the bylaws to do away with the Kansas and Nebraska Chapters

* 1991 First year Great Plains Society officers were elected by all members of the Society rather than by each chapter

* 1991 Rocktown Natural Area at Wilson Lake in Kansas approved

* 1993 The title of president changed to chairman and president-elect  changed to chair-elect

* 1993 First year the annual meeting was organized by the chair-elect

* 1995 First year GPS planted a memorial tree at annual meeting

* 1996 Oak tree planted at Geographical Center of the U.S.

* 1996 John Strickler elected Fellow

* 1997 First Walk in the Woods in Nebraska

* 1998 First Walk in the Woods in Kansas

* 1998 Les Pinkerton elected Fellow

* 2000 First Habitat for Humanity tree planting in Kansas and Nebraska

* 2001 Rex Naanes elected Fellow

* 2001 Larry Biles elected Fellow (prior to becoming member of GPSAF)

* 2003 Rachel Allison elected Fellow

* 2003 First year Membership Pins were presented

* 2003 First working field day in place of a field tour

* 2004 Twenty Year History booklet was printed.

* 2004 A $300 scholarship will be allocated each year for members where employer does not cover travel expenses to attend annual meeting  (not to exceed $100 per member).

* 2005 Bylaws changed to extend terms of chair and chair-elect to 2 years and the Secretary / Treasurer may be elected or appointed.

* 2008 Wayne Geyer elected Fellow

* 2009 Charles Barden elected Fellow

* 2009 Thousand cankers on black walnut first discussed

* 2010 First multi-state meeting with Missouri in Springfield

* 2011 Donated $200 to Richard Lodes Scholarship Fund

* 2013 Bob Atchison elected Fellow

* 2013 First Annual Meeting that was a formal training session

* 2013 Approved purchase of gpsaf.org domain name

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